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Chasing Illusions Podcast

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Jan 29, 2020

How do you view the past, present, and future? Is there a relationship between what you have experienced in the past and how your future is likely to play out? Break that expectation now, by hacking your perspective of the reality of past, present, and future in this episode. 

And to start creating from the present...

Jan 27, 2020

Do you actually look at time and money the same? Crazily they operate on the same plane of existance. We trade them and they represent value. Yet most of us dont see them the same way. Hear my potentially new perspective on the cast. 

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Jan 20, 2020

In this episode I get a bit fiery when it comes to sales because of the adapted perspective I have around them. Listen to the episode to see how I reverse the perspective of the sales interaction to see that the exchange is unique to our own personal interpretation of it. 


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Jan 12, 2020

In my own personal development journey I recognized a powerful strategy to leverage my time to get to my goals and success much faster. Listening could help you discern where you take others well meant advise as well. 


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Jan 8, 2020

Do you desire things in life? Or do you find it difficult to even dream of desiring things? I work with so many women who struggle with this because a variety of different things... Self sacrificial mentality, unacceptable behaviors, passivity, lack of self worth, and denial of even wanting. This episode is designed...